Project Marketing


CPM Realty is your specialist.

CPM Realty is one of the few project marketers that provides developers with a complete sales and marketing package. Not just another estate agent, we pride ourselves on being consultants to the development industry.

In fact, our reputation has grown to the point where we are often asked to provide our services to developers who have their own sales teams.

Our services include:

Marketecture: We look at your plans and suggest improvements that will:
  • Make your project more saleable;
  • Cut your construction costs;
  • Increase your revenues;
  • Improve the amenity for your buyers; and,
  • Promote your brand.
Off the Plan: We will take your project from a set of plans and turn it into a revenue generating powerhouse by:
  • Preparing marketing budgets;
  • Interviewing advertising agencies;
  • Designing and preparing sales office and display apartments/homes;
  • Preparing the necessary reports for you and /or your financier.

Buyer Profiling: Using our experience, market knowledge and demographic analysis, we will identify the segments of the market to whom you project will appeal and then target our selling campaign and reaching these segments and converting them into buyers.

Pricing: This is perhaps the most critical issue in the success of your project. We research the market and ascertain the maximum that will be paid for your product at a given time.

After Sales Service: We don’t forget you or the buyer after the sale has been completed.
Our services include:

  • Co-ordinating defects repairs;
  • Managing properties on behalf of investors;
  • Finding your next site;
  • Attending the first annual meeting of the Owner’s Corporation on your behalf.
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